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A Great Review

Score (1-5) Hearts: 5

Ms. Columbus writes with such humor. I was cracking up with Charlie’s innocent antics and feeling so sorry for Amber not having the easiest of times trying to get to Grandma’s house. I love Ms. Columbus’ writing style and I look forward to reading more stories from her. You will not be disappointed if you pick this one up for yourself.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I've been interviewed....

Could you please start by telling us a little about yourself?

Hello Carol Ann,
I’ve been writing all my life… 336 dog years and writing for The Wild Rose Press for a little over a human year.

This year I’ve become an Empty Nester…both my children are in college and I’ve decided to have a mid-life adventure.

For years my children choose my friends for me, I spent my evening chatting with their school mates parents or cheering next to their teammate’s parents.

One of my adventures as an MT Nester involved going to a singles dance…even though I don’t dance.

There I was at a big ballroom dance in jean, t-shirt and rubber soled clogs sitting at a table with ex co-workers enjoying the music and watching everyone else dance.
A man approaches me, “Would you like to dance East Coast Swing?”
Shrugging my shoulders, “I don’t know how to dance.”
He reaches out his hand, “I’ll teach you.”
We dance (and I use that term loosely) in front of the band. I can’t hear a word he’s saying – so I smile and nod. Toward the end of the song he moves closer to me and I hear, “Have you ever been bit?”
My heart is pounding, and I thought I was nervous before. What a weirdo. Does he think he’s a vampire?
I take a deep breath and smile as my rational mind takes hold. –he must have meant bitten by the dancing bug. I give him a big smile and another nod.
He holds me tighter, starts to lean me backwards, my foot comes off the floor, my clog just about goes flying off, I’m struggling to stay upright - my body stiffens – my only thought is …I don’t want to be bit!
The corner of his lip twitched, “I guess you don’t dip on the first date.”
Oh dipped.

The reason I was at the dance with ex co-workers ......
was after 27 years of working for a utility company ---
My boss said, “If you’re not happy why don’t you quit.”

So, I did.

I started a new job working as an AA in the Public Works Department for a City and I love it.

And when my new co-workers heard why I left my old job, they laughed and commented. You’ll be here until you retire, because now we know not to dare you.

If you could be one of your characters – Who would you be? And why?

Of my published stories, Amber from Christmas Mischief because she meets Tony and he’s what dreams are made out of.

Soon to be published, I like to be Alex, she is the heroine in my novel that I just signed a contract with for The Wild Rose Press. “The Perfect Country and Western Story.”

Alex too is heading out on a new adventure and I can identify with that.

But in the story there is also Julia a secondary character who has a wicked evil streak and I think I’d enjoy being her, but for just a day or two.

Who is your perfect hero? And why?

The perfect hero has to be a man that the heroine can dance with. He has to be worth following, otherwise when he takes a step back, there would be no reason for her to step forward.
And of course the perfect hero isn’t going to mind when she steps on his toes.

Is there a genre of book you would like to write but haven’t yet?

Well, before I quit my old job, I was seriously thinking of writing murder mysteries. Just joking.

How do you balance real life and your writing?

I write in the morning, I set my alarm clock an hour early and hit the computer before doing anything else and in the evening, if I have time, (after my dance lessons), I write some more.
I’m lucky, I don’t like to watch TV so I have to entertain myself and one way is to write.

How can readers find out more about you and your books?

I have seven short stories available at The Wild Rose Press. Happy Meal, Coffee and Love to Go, Drama Queen, Uncle Mike’s Love, First Class Male, Christmas Mischief and Hard Day on the Farm is available in Rose Petal’s Vol II.

What would be the best way for readers contact you?

Thank you Carol Ann, it has been my pleasure to again be interviewed by you.
In case anyone is curious as to my next adventure…Hoola Hoop lesson on Jan. 10th.

Look for Christmas Mischief at
along with Happy Meal, First Class Male, Coffee and Love to Go,
Uncle Mike’s Love, Drama Queen, Rose Petals Vol II (Hard Day on the Farm)

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Sunday, January 13, 2008


My friend and fellow author, Carol Ann Erhardt tagged me for a game of tell-us-stuff-we-didn't-know...
The rules are: List seven things about yourself

Link to the person who tagged you (see above)

I’ve been tagged. Impossible, I was always the one who never got caught. Must be getting old and slow…

Here we go…
1. I might have had a mid life crisis (so, I’ll live to be 96)
a) changed jobs after 27 years
b) changed boyfriend after 10 years
c) bought a dog

2. Blood type is B + and the blood bank loves me and it’s best to make an appointment on Monday’s because they get a fresh shipment of cookies.

3. Got a contract for my first novel “The Perfect Country and Western Story”

4. Became an Empty Nester. Both my kids are in college.

5. Took a Hoola Hoop class.

6. Took Swing dance lessons.

7. Have yet to be dipped.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Mischief Reveiw

Christmas Mischief

Amber has had a tough time of it since moving to the city. But now that she is going to visit Grandma in the country things seem to be looking up. She packs the car, puts her big, friendly dog in the shotgun seat and takes off, Christmas packages filling the back seat. Of course when she gets a flat tire on a cold afternoon her luck doesn’t seem to be holding out. Then, Charlie, her dog, pushes the button that locks her out of the car. Just when she is about to bash a window with a rock a tall, dark stranger shows up. Tony seems to be the answer to her troubles.

Christmas Mischief by Christine Columbus is a great little read. It is the perfect size for lunch hour reading. At first Amber seems like another helpless female and I was poised to be annoyed by her but quickly I saw what the author was doing and where this was going. Amber has overcome a lot of things and is making a new life for herself. She and Charlie, the burping dog, are family oriented enough to be making the trip home to Grandma’s house. Amber very quickly becomes a sympathetic and likeable character. Even Charlie will steal readers’ hearts! This is fun, a good holiday choice if you’re looking for something that is fast reading. Well done!

4 Angels.

Reviewed by: Marlene

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Coffee And Love To Go - 4 champagne flutes

Coffee and Love To Go Wild Rose PressDecember 24, 2007

4 champagne flutes—Glad you reviewed the book. Would buy it/recommend to someone else. You liked the characters/plot/dialogue. Good characters/plot/interest level/writing.

Author: Christine ColumbusPublisher: Wild Rose Press

Since his divorce, Dan’s friends have been trying to find him a new woman. However, Dan has found one himself—only he hasn’t got the confidence to approach her. He sees Missy every day at the local coffee shop. To his surprise, while listening to the radio, Missy’s voice comes over the airwaves—and she mentions him!
Well, he’s sure it’s him…
Will Dan pluck up the courage to speak to Missy?
Find out in Coffee and Love To Go!

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