Monday, February 01, 2016

5 Nice Things…

When my children were young and fighting I would step in and required them to say 5 nice things about their sibling. 

I decided to apply this same principle to myself. When I start to criticize myself for consuming too many calories, giving in to late night craving, not getting enough exercise or failing to write daily instead of telling myself I lack willpower, motivation, I’m lazy, not driven, etc.,

I am going to force myself to say 5 nice things about myself.

Balance. I’ve been standing on one foot while I brushing my teeth.   this increases balance and engages my core muscles. (The therapists in skilled nursing facilities give balance tests to residents to determine their level of independence - and I plan to ace the test.)

Re-boot, when walking, I’ve been self correcting my posture. When I start to lead with my forehead, I pull my head back and pull my shoulders away from my ear lobs, I tighten my butt and tummy so no longer look like a chubby toddler or a man with a beer belly.

Walk, I average 10,000 steps a day. 

I write, I am re-writing my novel and I have Feb. 14th for my deadline to complete edits.

I am not static. I am meeting new people and learning new skills a painting class at Tillamook Community 
Untitled 1 

A few months ago my adult daughter told me - she hated the ‘5 nice things’ punishment. “You cannot image how difficult is to come up with nice things to say when you’re mad.”

Yes, I can. I am not mad at myself, only mildly disappointed and I find this activity difficult.

I can alway take a page from their book.

"Nice, smart, kind, good at sports (walking), helpful."

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