Friday, September 22, 2006

The Adventures of RUTH

This morning took Ruthie (the new puppy) out to go potty – she went. We came into the house and I jumped on my tread mill, while Ruthie ran around – I was clipping along at 4 MPH – and Ruthie squats down to pee – she had been outside 10 minutes ago. I was so mad I went to step off the tread mill – fell while it was still going and was flung off the back. I feel like a pretzel….but I didn’t land on the dog.


Marty said...

Glad you weren't I can giggle, lol.

Stacy Dawn said...

Oh no! Hope you're okay.

Lee Morrison said...

Hope you're ok!

I had moments like that with our pup, lol. Sure glad she's over that part now.

Hang in there, it's all worth it, lol.


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