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Minnesota State Fair

Just got back from a day of eating food at the fair. I went with my daughter and if you have never been to the MN State Fair - the big deal is everything comes on a stick - hot dish on a stick. Meatball, tater-tot, meatball, tater-tot on a stick dipped into a cornmeal batter and deep-fried and served with cream of mushroom soup to be used as a dipping sauce. Deep-fried candy bars on a stick, macaroni and cheese on a stick, etc. My favorite is the cream puffs - not on a stick. Of course the cheese curds were good, foot long hot dogs, turtle sundae, kettle corn, elk burger, cashew nut roll, scone, fudge puppies, coffee, diet sodas, salt water taffy, ice cream, shake and French fries. Not to hard to believe that, we spent $80. on just food. Tomorrow it will be water and lots of walking. That if I can roll out of bed.

It's that time of year....School

I started school today. Only 6.33 credits and I'll have my AA degree. Yee Haw! And next week I drop my daughter off at her dorm...One to go.....(just joking my kids are the loves of my life...they've been nothing but a joy)

Short Stories Available


I am writing....

I am writing "The Perfect Country Western Story" and WE Fest was my inspiration...If anyone has anything they think should be included in "The Perfect Country Western Story" please feel free to email me or leave a comment. Inspiration....

Riding the Bull

All we need was Grandma on top in a rocking chair Just got back from the We Fest Concert - I heard a lot of great country music, overheard some interesting conversations and had a good time riding ... and I even stayed on for 58 seconds....