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Happy Holidays...

Uncle Mike's Love has been released. And I've working on a number of new projects...Revising "Stand Up Love" toying with a couple of short stories. I definitely have more ideas than time. I enjoying the holidays and a couple of days off work. Ruth is up to level 3....and has discovered so new tossing her toys on to the treadmill track while I'm's like catch when her toy goes flying off the back of the concern is one of these days I'm going to trip and bounce right off the back with the toy.
Coffee and Love To Go Missy phones into Coffee Chat, a local radio talk show, hoping to get advice from Connie, the talk show host. Intrigued by Missy’s situation, Connie asks listeners to call in and give their opinion, should Missy make a move on Mr. Coffee? Meanwhile the mystery coffeehouse man, Dan, happens to catch the broadcast and puts two and two together. Skim latte=beautiful redhead. After a few bobbled meeting mishaps at the coffee shop Dan decides to take a chance on love and calls in to Coffee Chat. If he really wants Missy will he overcome his shyness to go after what he wants? Coffee and Love To Go is a sweet story about the beginning of a relationship. Christine Columbus hits a nerve with the two shy characters that need help coming together. They find it with help from a radio talk show. Coffee and Love To Go is a must read. My only regret is it didn’t last long enough. I look forward to reading more by Christine Columbus.Reviewed by: Tracey

My family

I know the dog and I look alike.

My Wears....

I was excited to see my "Romance On The Run" Bags on display at Down ON 42nd Ave - 7180 42nd Ave N, New Hope, MN

Ruth graduated from Puppy K....

I finished my last class with a B in Business Ethics. I’m polishing up my Country novel for the Golden Heart Contest… but I’m debating exactly what an emotional satisfying ending is…and going through final edits for Uncle Mike’s Love. I’ve been reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and the one thing that sticks out is – you past is your memory and your Potential is your Imagination…. So, if I can imagine being on Oprah or on the New York’s Best Seller list than I have the potential to be there…now if I could just imagine myself out of that Pesky Day Job -

Uncle Mike's Love headed to production....

It's a miniature Rose in the Sweetheart Rose Line. And in Minnesota - it's deer hunting weekend. Which means the kids and the dog have gone to the farm and the deer have gone into hiding. I'm going to put a log on the fire and finish up "The Perfect Country and Western Story" I have 44,000 words and I'm shooting for 55,001 because I want a novel. The story is all about Alexandra Allan Coe trying to return a autographed Toby Keith cowboy hat to the rightful owner - who just happens to be one good lookin cowboy named Ben Buck....

A nice review

Happy Meal was so heart warming a read that it even melted my cold, cold heart. Mike Fyle - Retired Firefighter Captain....

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween No Tricks tonight, but there were a few Trick or Treaters…It was chilly tonight and not a lot of kids came by, which gave me time to work on my Romance On The Run Bags. Down Under on 42nd a consignment store in New Hope, is going to carry my bags. She requested a dozen to start out with, so in-between answering the door I was busy hand painting the canvas bags. I’ll have to get a few more painted before I stop by the local coffee shops and see if anyone is interested…But at least I’m done with school. I finished up Business Ethics last night.

Cold Minnesota Night

The only thing good about the weather turning colder - is I have a fireplace, a glass of wine, a stereo, chocolate and a leather reclining loveseat. Of course I don't have a digital camera - so I borrowed an image or two...The teenagers are tucked away - one at the dorm, the other at the farm with the puppy. So, it's just me and the laptop and lots of atmosphere to write romance.

We are all Winners....

Champagne Rose Line: Rosette Winner: "A Hard Day on the Farm" by Christine Columbus Miniature Rose Winner: "Led Down a Garden Path" by Deborah Tompkins White Rose Line Rosette Winner: "Don't Forget the Roses" by Evie Lucas Miniature Rose Winner: "Night Blooms" by Dana Mentink Sweetheart Rose Line Rosette Winner: "His Son, Our Matchmaker" by Tabitha Gibson Miniature Rose Winner: "Hope Floats" by Stacy Holmes Crimson Rose Line: Rosette Winner: "The House Next Door" by Carol Ann Erhardt Miniature Rose - No entries Received Last Rose Of Summer Line: Rosette Winner: "For A Good Cause" by Deborah Vlahakes Miniature Rose Winner: "Second Chance Rose" by Terry O'Dell Faery Rose Line: Rosette Winner: "Emma's Story. The Girl in the Picture" by Donna Collins Miniature Rose Winners: "Garden Magic" by Beth Caudill AND "5th Floor Garden" by Peggy Lowe Scarlet Rose Li

Wasn't me....

who ripped the stuffing out of that animal....

Desire Surges For Romance Novels

Desire Surges For Romance Novels Genre Has 64 Million Readers, Still Growing Michelle Buonfiglio , Romance Columnist and a member of Midwest Fiction Writers...sent out the following email. "This is so cool! It was linked from the National/World Headlines front pages of the Internet Broadcasting network for a full cycle, and now will live in their new My Free Time section for a week! http://www.wnbc. com/entertainmen t/9983962/ detail.html Thanks for your support, Michelle"

A little windy....

After the craft fair....I decided to enjoy what might be one of the last nice days in Minnesota for a while...with Ruth...

Kisses .25 Cents....

I did a local craft fair today and sold kisses for .25 cents. Hershey Kisses. I also sold Romance On The Run bags, hand painted canvas bags with a transfer of my covers on the front, of course the bag contained a flower pen and more kisses...chocolate. It was a perfect day, the weather was wonderful, sunny with a gentle breeze that turns into a gust.

The Adventures of RUTH

This morning took Ruthie (the new puppy) out to go potty – she went. We came into the house and I jumped on my tread mill, while Ruthie ran around – I was clipping along at 4 MPH – and Ruthie squats down to pee – she had been outside 10 minutes ago. I was so mad I went to step off the tread mill – fell while it was still going and was flung off the back. I feel like a pretzel….but I didn’t land on the dog.

I'm Excited...

As excited as a boy with a puppy. Drama Queen has been released and it is a wonderful story, about a man, a woman and a puppy.

Drama Queen

I'm excited Drama Queen will be available shortly at the Wild Rose Press. And I broke down and brought a new addition into our family. Ruth (or until my son decides on a different name) is an 8 week old Jack-a-Poo.

Got my daughter off to college on Thursday

It wasn't like saying, "Good-bye." Because her dorm room is less than 30 minutes from the house. So, it was more like, "See ya." And I did on Saturday when she need her roller blades and wanted dinner. And on Sunday when she needed a ream of paper, jacket and ironing board. I'm thinking of getting a dog....a Jackapoo. I beginning to think I need total chaos to function. I'm struggling through science only three weeks left to the course. Did get my edits completed for "Drama Queen." Haven't finished "The Prefect Country and Western Story", but am getting real close to finishing a story for the Wild Rose Garden Contest...."Hard Day on the Farm." My son is back in school, has been for two weeks, when I ask him, "How's it going?" I get the typical response from a 17 year old, "Why do you ask so many questions." Maybe that's why I want a dog, so I can really bug him. "Did you let the do

Minnesota State Fair

Just got back from a day of eating food at the fair. I went with my daughter and if you have never been to the MN State Fair - the big deal is everything comes on a stick - hot dish on a stick. Meatball, tater-tot, meatball, tater-tot on a stick dipped into a cornmeal batter and deep-fried and served with cream of mushroom soup to be used as a dipping sauce. Deep-fried candy bars on a stick, macaroni and cheese on a stick, etc. My favorite is the cream puffs - not on a stick. Of course the cheese curds were good, foot long hot dogs, turtle sundae, kettle corn, elk burger, cashew nut roll, scone, fudge puppies, coffee, diet sodas, salt water taffy, ice cream, shake and French fries. Not to hard to believe that, we spent $80. on just food. Tomorrow it will be water and lots of walking. That if I can roll out of bed.

It's that time of year....School

I started school today. Only 6.33 credits and I'll have my AA degree. Yee Haw! And next week I drop my daughter off at her dorm...One to go.....(just joking my kids are the loves of my life...they've been nothing but a joy)

Short Stories Available


I am writing....

I am writing "The Perfect Country Western Story" and WE Fest was my inspiration...If anyone has anything they think should be included in "The Perfect Country Western Story" please feel free to email me or leave a comment. Inspiration....

Riding the Bull

All we need was Grandma on top in a rocking chair Just got back from the We Fest Concert - I heard a lot of great country music, overheard some interesting conversations and had a good time riding ... and I even stayed on for 58 seconds....

St Croix River

Now you have to imagine a campfire - because there is a state wide fire band.


One boat, Seven people, Four tents, Five coolers, Three tubs, Eleven plastic bags and Countless trips...

Heading to the river...

The only way to get to this picturesque campsite is by boat and the only running water will be the St. Croix flowing by. I’m not big on camping, but I believe that these types of experiences make me a better writer because a teacher told me once, if I was truly happy I wouldn’t write. And if I don’t have a flushable toilet and warm water to bath, I’m not blissfully content, but I am a writer.

I am so Excited.....

First Class Male and Love and Coffee To Go are now available for sale...I am so excited about the release of my new stories. Rhonda and RJ have been instrumental in helping me polish my stories. Coffee and Love To Go - Dan is surprised to find out he is the topic of conversation on a women’s talk show about meaningful glances. For the last two weeks when he stops for his cup of coffee, he has noticed a beautiful woman with red hair and now she’s on the air asking the listeners if she should make the first move and talk to him. First Class Male - Jenny decided to walk to the Post Office to pick up the package her co-workers claimed was waiting for her. However, when she got there the handsome clerk was unable to find the parcel, but he did find her heart. Dedication: To Bridget and Isaac you are the best. Thank you for all the love,support and encouragement you have given me. To Colleen, Patty, Amy and Mike for your help reading/editing, to Mary for the idea, to Rhonda and RJ

2 Perfect of a Weekend

A little warm, but I found a way to cool off.


I attended the Midwest Fiction Writer Meeting today, I was excited to share my news about being an author for The Wild Rose Press and of having my short stories e-published. I came home all ready to write and edit, but it's another perfect summer day in Minnesota. Therefore, I am out in my backyard with my laptop soaking up the day.

Maple Lake

Minnesota in the summer, there is nothing better than being at the lake.


Excitement My story "Happy Meal" is online and it looks wonderful. The Wild Rose Press does such a great job of editing, designing the cover and creating e-post cards.This is all such a learning experience for me. Blogging, forums, e-publishing and I'm having a great time.My goals are to add some pictures to my Blog and hopefully some excitement too.The next story to go into production for me is "Coffee and Love to go."


With all the distractions, it's easy to put writing on the back burner, but with the distractions getting older by the minute it is getting much easier to find the time to write. Christine

Taking a deep breathe

My vacation ended, I went back to work on Tuesday after having the week off getting ready for the big party. My house has reverted to pre-party state. Papers stacked on the kitchen table, pub table; actually, things are piled on all the previous bare spots. I now have empathy for Cinderella when the clock struck midnight.

I survivied...

One down and one to go. Next year I'll host my son's open house and then it M.T. Nest.

Less than 24 hours and counting

I should be cleaning the kitchen, tomorrow is my daughter's open house and I have no idea how many people are showing up. I think there will be over 100 people and the kitchen is the last room in the house I have to clean. What “I should” be doing is sitting on a beach sipping a margarita. I always set my standards too low.


I am excited about joining The Wild Rose Press with my short story "Happy Meal." This is a week of first for me. I've never been published electronically, never had a blog and never had to host a high school graduation open house, which will happen on Saturday, unless of course house work is fatal and I don't survive the dusting, vacuuming, washing and the sweeping of clutter into every available closet, nooks or cupboard.