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The Review Nook - 5 Roses...

HAPPY MEAL..... Christine Columbus HAPPY MEAL is a sweet story of first impressions and first meetings. Mark is thirty-five and believed by the time he had reached that age, he would have been married with children. He knew is mother wanted grandchildren, after being alone for a long time since his father's death. But he hadn't met the right woman, and he knew he would know it when he did. He fought against his mother's matchmaking the way any normal thinking male would. During a weekly dinner out at Mc'Donald's, he gets to make his first impression on a lovely woman--by dumping his milkshake on her. His embarassment doubles when he realizes that the woman he adorned is actually the woman his own mother has been trying to get him to meet. HAPPY MEAL is a quick short read, perfect for that break time, or while waiting for your child to come out of the school. It also shows a well mannered and bonded family unit. Rating :: 5 ROSES Book information : Publisher - The Wi

It will grow...

I tried to explain to Ruth, that a haircut is like starting a story - sometimes it looks bad, but it just takes time and a chance to grow... The only problem I'm having is with my novel - if I don't quit trimming the story - I'll never be done...It's hard to know when hair or the story is at the perfect length.

One small key stroke

One opps...The good thing is I am learning. My slideshow is not only on my blog, it is also on Sweet Romantic Notions - or was. I'm not sure if when I update my slide show - if I deleted the link. I am learning to be brave. To take risks. To be an adventurer, not only in life but also in my writing. I’m not sure when I became cautious, but I wasn’t always. Maybe caution came with motherhood, age or ? When it comes to writing, I want to be fearless. I have a tendency to want to control my characters, marching them across pages and keeping them in the shallow end of the pool. At 48, I’m letting go. This is the year I’m going to dance and my characters will sink or swim.

It's my Birthday...

And this is what 48 looks like...I could find the button for take the red eye out - but where is the take the wrinkles and grey out button?