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Romancing The Book ...

Had this to say about Looking for Henrietta... His twenty-fifth high school reunion is in less than thirty days and Henry still has no date. Not willing to be the object of his classmates’ sympathy after his divorce, he turns to an online dating service for help. But things aren't looking good. Rita has been there for Henry for a long time, hoping their relationship might change, but he only sees her as his friend the bartender. Now Henry has this crazy notion that the answer to his dilemma is a dating service. After watching several unsuccessful attempts—in her bar, no less—Rita decides it's time to take Henry's love life into her own hands. Maybe all Henry needs is a little push in the right direction to fall in love... Review: Ms. Columbus gives brief insight into the world of computer dating. A light hearted search for your soul mate along with the many things that actually could and do happen when setting up dates, only to find the one you want has been there right