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Tag Line????

Jumpstart Productions will be tweaking my blog and MySpace...and I decided I need a tag...can't decided between: Set Sail for Romance with Christine Columbus Discover a New World of Romance with Christine Columbus Or…..? Explore romance with Christine Columbus Had a Great Day over at Brenda Williamson's Romance Party and Also Stop in at karenfindoutaboutnewbooks · Coffee Time Romance - Coffee Readers. Now of course it would have made more sense to Post this info earlier...but it still not to late to stop by and look at my posts...and enter a contest or two.

Somebody has to be ...

King of the hill.... I'm not quite up to the task of being King...but my novel The Perfect Country and Western Story is getting closer to the end - for the second time. The first time the editor didn't like the ending...I'm thinking it's going to be much better the second time around....

Rose Petals Volume II

Will be coming up e-pub and print. How cool is that?

If I had a larger hot water tank...

I'd generate a lot more ideas. I always get my best ideas when showering. After 4 weeks of tooth pain...I ready to join the human race again... So, right before I left for my big adventure with my sister, (A spring break for the over 40 and over 50 crowd). I really should have done Spring Break when I was much, much younger. Although we scope it out so we wouldn't be done in S. Padre with the real spring breakers. We spent 4 days with the "Winter Texans" and let me tell you...I felt like a babe. I'm thinking I might have to spend more time at retirement communities…puts everything into perspective. Now, my goal is to post everyday.

On the Road...

Only 32 hours from S Padre Island to Minneapolis