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_______________ is Perfect.

What, Whom, or Where is Perfect? According to the Dictionary -  having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be :           make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible :      Life is Perfect although I have to say some days I do find it a little difficult to be as good as it is possible to be...

When was the last time you spoke to your parents?

This is the question for July 10th from the 365 Questions book and the answer is a little difficult because both my parents have been dead for quite some time. But I do remember a couple of my last conversations with my mom. I was working full-time, had two preteen children at home and would stop by her house every night on my way home from work to check in with her and to have a cup of coffee - the coffee was a great way to spend sometime with my mom to unwind after work and also as a way to ramp up for an evening filled with driving my children to and from activities. My mom had a number of aliments, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, lung cancer, and emphysema.  She was on oxygen and was finding it harder and harder to breathe and get around. She was unable to back her car out of the garage and unless someone turned her car around she could not drive. Which in my opinion was a good thing, so I conveniently forgot to turn her car around when she asked. She was also blin

Today was delightful because...

Well, I still haven't found a job, but I did get up and walk for 30 minutes today. I also worked on a short story, these are all good things. It's raining outside and I'm nice and dry inside. I love the sun and warmth but I also delight in rainy days - the overcast skies, dripping clouds, and rhythmic splat of fat drops against the concrete, relax and calm me.