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Coffee and Love To Go Missy phones into Coffee Chat, a local radio talk show, hoping to get advice from Connie, the talk show host. Intrigued by Missy’s situation, Connie asks listeners to call in and give their opinion, should Missy make a move on Mr. Coffee? Meanwhile the mystery coffeehouse man, Dan, happens to catch the broadcast and puts two and two together. Skim latte=beautiful redhead. After a few bobbled meeting mishaps at the coffee shop Dan decides to take a chance on love and calls in to Coffee Chat. If he really wants Missy will he overcome his shyness to go after what he wants? Coffee and Love To Go is a sweet story about the beginning of a relationship. Christine Columbus hits a nerve with the two shy characters that need help coming together. They find it with help from a radio talk show. Coffee and Love To Go is a must read. My only regret is it didn’t last long enough. I look forward to reading more by Christine Columbus.Reviewed by: Tracey

My family

I know the dog and I look alike.

My Wears....

I was excited to see my "Romance On The Run" Bags on display at Down ON 42nd Ave - 7180 42nd Ave N, New Hope, MN

Ruth graduated from Puppy K....

I finished my last class with a B in Business Ethics. I’m polishing up my Country novel for the Golden Heart Contest… but I’m debating exactly what an emotional satisfying ending is…and going through final edits for Uncle Mike’s Love. I’ve been reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and the one thing that sticks out is – you past is your memory and your Potential is your Imagination…. So, if I can imagine being on Oprah or on the New York’s Best Seller list than I have the potential to be there…now if I could just imagine myself out of that Pesky Day Job -

Uncle Mike's Love headed to production....

It's a miniature Rose in the Sweetheart Rose Line. And in Minnesota - it's deer hunting weekend. Which means the kids and the dog have gone to the farm and the deer have gone into hiding. I'm going to put a log on the fire and finish up "The Perfect Country and Western Story" I have 44,000 words and I'm shooting for 55,001 because I want a novel. The story is all about Alexandra Allan Coe trying to return a autographed Toby Keith cowboy hat to the rightful owner - who just happens to be one good lookin cowboy named Ben Buck....

A nice review

Happy Meal was so heart warming a read that it even melted my cold, cold heart. Mike Fyle - Retired Firefighter Captain....