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Brian Storming Process....

What is your brainstorming process for a new book? You know how there are people who sing in the shower... Writers-on-writing at

5 Diamonds

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 The Perfect Country and Western Story by Christine Columbus T Rating: 5 Diamonds Heat Level: Sensual Reviewer: Starla Kaye Date: 2-18-09 Alexandra found the love of her life at a music fest a year ago and lost him the same day. A family tragedy tore her away from the event while he’d gone to bring friends back to meet her. Leaving so unexpectedly, she took with her a Stetson autographed by Toby Keith that he’d temporarily had her hold. Guilt has weighed heavily on her as much as her longing to see him again at this year’s event. If he comes…if she can find him in a crowd of 50,000…if he’ll forgive her for leaving with his prized hat. So many ifs. Ben thought he’d found ‘The One’ a year ago, but evidently he’d been wrong. He’d left her alone for a few minutes at the fest and when he’d returned, she was gone, along with a prized hat he’d intended to give to his disabled younger brother. And he hadn’t even gotten her name. All he could hope for was that she’d

First Book Signing A Success

My book signing on Saturday was a lot of fun and a learning experience. I wish I would have told the local paper that I was going to be signing books and that I had given more thought to creating poster/signs outside of the gallery. It was great to see everyone, the turn out was good. I had the response I've had to The Perfect Country and Western Story - has all been positive. A big thanks to everyone who showed up on Saturday, I appreciate your support and next Friday on the 19th - I will be signing books at the Elks 44nClub in Brooklyn Park.

Saturday I'll be signing books....

February 13...I'll be at the Robbin Gallery 4915 42nd Ave N., Robbinsdale, MN 55422 ( Signing books from 1 to 3 pm... If you're in the neighborhood stop by and say, "Hi." The Robbin Art Gallery is located two blocks east of Highway 100 on 42nd Avenue North in the Robbinsdale Historic Library Building. Look to your right for a high wooden privacy fence, then a beautiful brick library just before the railroad tracks. Turn RIGHT before the railroad tracks and park on the side street.