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Handicap yes, Accessible ?

If you are traveling in July without reservations don't worry there is always Makoshika, MT state park. Dry camping in Makoshika MT state park - doesn't mean you can't bring in a beer or means absolutely no water is available at the campsites. The place was beautiful, it looked like we were at the South Dakota Badlands, lots of hiking, rattle snake warnings, very little shade, lots of wind at night and Handicap Pit Toilets, but not necessarily Handicap Accessible Pit Toilets.

Time Travel On Sale

We went shopping to Costco on Monday - and for $11.99 you could go back to 2014. 

A picture is worth 1000 words...

Or sometimes two words...What? Why?  This is one of those pictures from out trip out west. Have you ever take a photo and later wondered why? Driving down the interstate - going through North Dakota - there wasn't much to catch our attention - "Oh look a hill."  but I zoomed in and on the only hill visible for many, many mile we spotted Salem Sue, the World's Largest Cow...and no we didn't pull off the interstate to go take a look  

Buyer's Remorse

I consider myself the Queen of Downsizing... we have gone from combining two households into a two bedroom apartment and from there we eliminated anything that would not fit into the back of a F150 truck - luckily for me I am married to the Master Packer. And then we made our first mistake... we went into Wal Mart - of course we couldn't find what we wanted but ended up purchasing a rechargeable lateen - (and if you're curious - no we didn't use it on our two month   camping journey.) It's hard to believe after giving away so much...we would buy one more thing...

Backstory to a romance writer's journey

The Journey to Writing:  Downtown Minneapolis For 27 years I worked for a utility company... until the day my boss said, "if you're not happy here, quit." So, I jumped ship and went to work for the City of Golden Valley... until my daughter said, "you'd make a great COTA." So, I moved to La Crosse WI to get an associates degree as an Occupational Therapy Assistant.    I spent almost 1 year working with children on the Autism Spectrum. Before we relocated to Iowa where I spent 1 year working in a skilled nursing facility. Which brings me to now…We are living in someone’s basement in Eugene, OR and I am pursuing my dream of writing.   And we are living our dream....