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Climate and Gravitational Pull

I silently chanted, ears over hips, hips over heels, shoulders down and back as I walked the beach with the sun shinning and the temperatures nearing 50.   As the sand crunched beneath my hiking boots, my body elongated and I stood taller with each step.  Which could only mean my poor posture is a result of a colder climate (MN & WI) wind (IA) and lack of sun. When the temperatures dip below 40 degrees (with or without a wind chill factors) my shoulders hike high enough to keep my earlobes warm. After 50 plus years of living in Minnesota and trying to acclimate my body to cold/frigid temperatures, my body caved in, literally.  My shoulders, back and neck are rounded.  This was survival and my body's way to protect my heart from freezing. I know there are Minnesotans who drive with their convertible tops down year round, wear shorts and sun bath when temperatures rise above freezing.  But, I was never one of them. I didn’t discard my jacket or tur

As Forgiving As…

As forgiving as a woman in love - is the attitude I have adopted for losing 20 pounds and writing a NYT Best Seller. A woman in love only sees what she wants to see, which means, I had a very successful week.  One night instead of microwave popcorn, I made a large bowl of air popped popcorn and used a packet of TrueLime for seasoning. Am I awesome, or what. Besides demonstrating self control, I showed I am capable of change. I also did two sets of arm exercises with an 8 pound bar.  Bring out the balloons and the party horns, things are getting better every day. I already forgot about the free samples of candy at Costco,  the two glasses of IPA at the bar, and the Pinot Noir. Never mind the naysayers. I know this time will be different. I will be in the 20 percent of people who manage to lose weight and keep it off. And this week I will also add bladder control exercises because when I get to the nursing home, I don’t want to wear absorbent undergarments. 

I lost my diet muse..

My fitbit app recorded 109,000 steps, my fitness pal app congratulated me for recording my food intake,  my vision board greeted me every time I opened my refrigerator door, I used positive affirmations, worked on posture with a  posture zone app and I gained 4/10 of a pound.   I am now up 1.4 lbs since January 1, 2016.  Which would be great, if my goal was to gain weight.  In the past, PTTF, (prior to turning fifty) dieting and exercise were easy.  All I had to do was eat less and exercise and I'd lose weight.  PTTF, I had a Diet Muse.  She presided over my spoon and fork stopping my forward progress, 'y ou're full. You don't crave or want any more to eat  or drink .'  How I feel looking at the scale. She'd whisper in my ear in the wee hours of the morning,  ' get up so you have time to exercise before work.' Why, oh why, did my Diet Muse desert me now?  Maybe this week I will look for an app to find my missing Diet M

5 Nice Things…

When my children were young and fighting I would step in and required them to say 5 nice things about their sibling.  I decided to apply this same principle to myself. When I start to criticize myself for consuming too many calories, giving in to late night craving, not getting enough exercise or failing to write daily instead of telling myself I lack willpower, motivation, I’m lazy, not driven, etc., I am going to force myself to say 5 nice things about myself. Balance. I’ve been standing on one foot while I brushing my teeth.   this increases balance and engages my core muscles. (The therapists in skilled nursing facilities give balance tests to residents to determine their level of independence - and I plan to ace the test.) Re-boot, when walking, I’ve been self correcting my posture. When I start to lead with my forehead, I pull my head back and pull my shoulders away from my ear lobs, I tighten my butt and tummy so no longer look like a chubby toddler or a man w