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The best hour of today was...

Was coming home after work and enjoying a great dinner and a glass of wine.  

What makes you cynical?

Cynical... sounds like political ads bitterly   or   sneeringly   distrustful,   contemptuous,   or   pessimistic. I certainly grow tired of hearing people trash talk - it's a great message to show our children. The way to get people to like (vote) for you is to make others dislike/distrust the other person... Sounds a lot like bullying to me.

Something that made you worry...

Today is Friday, June 13 and tonight there will be a full moon. I am not the least bit worried about this because I have never experienced any bad luck on a Friday the 13th or on a full moon. The full moon on a Friday the 13th is a rare occurance and it is not expected to occur again until I am 90. Now the thought of turning 90 does scare me a bit.

Is There Something in Your Way...Can You Move It?

Fear is always in my way...sometimes if I'm lucky I can rush past my fears, but fear always catches up to me.  I will try and be brave and not be afraid to be the best writer I can possible be... i will not be afraid to travel.

Favorite thing to do on a Friday night...

Perfect Friday night has the following ingredients:  margaritas, chips, and salsa.


Coffee is a great way to start the day... one or two cups every morning. There was a time when I also enjoyed an afternoon cup of coffee, sometimes from a vending machine while take an afternoon break with a co-worker. Sometimes the cup of coffee was at my Mom's house, I'd drop off the daily newspaper after I got off work and she'd always have a pot of fresh brewed strong coffee and a desert. Sometimes a large slice of pie or cake - other times it was a cookie or a bismark or long john.  

What makes a good friend...

A good friend is a time could be days, months or years since you've last talked to them - and the moment you say, Hello. It's like distance and time never happened. You are both in the same moment and it feels like you last talk only minutes ago.

What make you miserable?

When it comes to misery, I am my own worse enemy.  I want to write, but I busy myself with distractions. I want to be healthy and I put junk food in my shopping cart. I want to exercise and I pull the covers up over my head. I want to work part-time and accept full-time positions. Now, of course if I turn it around, I could also be my own best friend.

Mother's Day 2014

  Today my daughter posted the above... and it only seemed like yesterday when they were babies...