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St Croix River

Now you have to imagine a campfire - because there is a state wide fire band.


One boat, Seven people, Four tents, Five coolers, Three tubs, Eleven plastic bags and Countless trips...

Heading to the river...

The only way to get to this picturesque campsite is by boat and the only running water will be the St. Croix flowing by. I’m not big on camping, but I believe that these types of experiences make me a better writer because a teacher told me once, if I was truly happy I wouldn’t write. And if I don’t have a flushable toilet and warm water to bath, I’m not blissfully content, but I am a writer.

I am so Excited.....

First Class Male and Love and Coffee To Go are now available for sale...I am so excited about the release of my new stories. Rhonda and RJ have been instrumental in helping me polish my stories. Coffee and Love To Go - Dan is surprised to find out he is the topic of conversation on a women’s talk show about meaningful glances. For the last two weeks when he stops for his cup of coffee, he has noticed a beautiful woman with red hair and now she’s on the air asking the listeners if she should make the first move and talk to him. First Class Male - Jenny decided to walk to the Post Office to pick up the package her co-workers claimed was waiting for her. However, when she got there the handsome clerk was unable to find the parcel, but he did find her heart. Dedication: To Bridget and Isaac you are the best. Thank you for all the love,support and encouragement you have given me. To Colleen, Patty, Amy and Mike for your help reading/editing, to Mary for the idea, to Rhonda and RJ

2 Perfect of a Weekend

A little warm, but I found a way to cool off.


I attended the Midwest Fiction Writer Meeting today, I was excited to share my news about being an author for The Wild Rose Press and of having my short stories e-published. I came home all ready to write and edit, but it's another perfect summer day in Minnesota. Therefore, I am out in my backyard with my laptop soaking up the day.