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It’s Not Writer’s Block –

Although the last time I blogged was March 21st. and the last time I wrote was March 31st. It’s Not a Mid-Life Crisis – although I did celebrate a birthday and I turned 51. It’s Not Spring Fever…Although for the first time ever – Minnesota experienced a March with no snow. It’s Not Lack of Time – I still have 24 hours in a day and my kids are no longer living at home. No the only explanation I can find is … Parker’s Butt. After 40 hours of sitting behind a computer and answering the phone, “Manager’s Office, Christine speaking,” I find the idea of sitting down distasteful. And when given a moment a free time, I hoola hoop, go to Pilates, pluck dandelions, go for long walks and occasionally do enough laundry to get me through another 40 hours of “Manager’s Office, Christine speaking.” I even paid to have my Aura read, hoping to discover a cure for Parker’s Butt – but the only thing I learned was I’m yellow – very creative…but low on energy – which is the number one symptom of Parker’