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May 16, 2012

"What was your favorite day this week?"  Considering it is only Wednesday... I would say Tuesday.  We rode our bikes from La Crosse to Sparta - round trip 54 miles...   Aha moment...need to buy bike shorts.

May 15, 2012

"What Do You Consider To Be Your Biggest Achievement?"  Well, today it would be getting out of bed to write...but overall I would say it's letting go of fear.  It is easier for me to do what I did yesterday, which is why I worked at one company for 27 years, and owned the same house for 25 years. It is much easier to repeat a previous day then to blaze a new trail. It has been a year since I've sold a house, quit a job, and headed back to school.  So now I no longer fear change, I fear thing staying the same.

May 14th

"What Make A Good Enemy" A friend, if good is to mean a strong adversary.  Who knows your weakness better than a friend or an 'ex.'.  'Good'  enemy might also mean the person who puts up road blocks and generally makes life difficult which in turn only strengthens your desire to succeed. A Good Enemy is an antagonist with a pencil bar mustache.  

May 13th

I once again opened The Book  and today's question, "Who Loves You Today?"  Today is also Mother's Day so the answer is obvious... My Children