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Rabbit Hunter

The Winner Is....

Kytaira... Congrats Check Back Monday for Blah Blog...(right Discover a New World of Romance) Just what everyone needs - Words of Wisdom to start the Week... Like what in the heck is PPMM?

STOP and Smell The Roses...

As of Today Everything I Need To Know - I've Learned - Of Course I'm 50 not 16 So this time it's different. It's easier to be an Aunt than a Mom, Laughter is the best medicine - there are no deductible or co-pays. If you're not a brain surgeon or a pilot - it's only key-strokes, copies and Hello's or Heat Brown Water, donuts and napkins. At the end of the day - Nobody is dead. Finally... Big Hands and Big Feet - only mean Big Gloves and Big Shoes. Leave a comment for your chance to win the following downloads: Coffee and Love To Go, Uncle Mike's Love and Christmas Mischief I will draw a winner from those who leave a comment on my blog. Please check back tomorrow to see if you're the Lucky One... For more chances to win visit the following authors... www.happyendingsbl


Getting together with fellow always a reason to Celebrate... Other Reasons for Celebrating... I had to go to work this morning... I'm employed, getting a paycheck and living the dream... I still have ten pounds to lose... I'm health and being 10 pounds over my normal weight means I can still fit into my clothes...they are tight, but at least I don't have to go out and buy new things...beside you never know when an ad might appear - Needed Woman to Stress Test Zippers... I've got experience. And it's raining...(I hate watering the flower and vegetable gardens) I also hate doing dishes and laundry... I wonder if I could set the basket of dirty clothes out on the front steps along with the dirty dishes?

Still fun... even when it;s legal

When I was young my brother and I would illegally race mini bikes up and down the alleys in Minneapolis. Hoping no one would call the cops… And this morning driving my scooter (big mini bike) to work – I passed a cop, flashed a smile and thought…It’s amazing how things have changed. I still can’t believe that having this much fun is legal.

Thought for the Day:

Sometimes it's best to keep an eye on the situation...a low profile, unassuming pose and wait and see if anything develops. When someone complains instead of jumping in with suggestions, or pointing out to them that they have nothing to complain about, or becoming defensive… take a lesson from Ruth, just sit and listen to all they have to say without interrupting, without telling them how to fix it, just wait until they have finished saying everything they want to say…and then decide if you should bark, wag your tail or just keep an eye on the situation.