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 When you don’t feel like writing anymore - Do you just try to power through putting random words on the page or shut the laptop and call it a day. Today, I switched my projects and went from my short story to a blog…but with 30 minutes left of writing time and guilt beginning to pile up…I need to get back to my story.   When I don’t know exactly where the story is going I get anxious. I want everything to fit together and I don’t want the characters to suffer.  Instead of placing the characters up a tree and throwing rocks at them…I want to make them happy and remove all the obstacles and stumbling blocks from their path. This attitude does not serve my goal or write and submit. Wish me luck at being mean to Clay and Mel.  

The Write Goal

Normally, my goal would be a daily word count, to be published or hit a best seller list. But for 2023 my goal is to write, submit and repeat. I had a teacher tell me writing is 10% talent and 90% perseverance. For the first time in over six years I won’t be sleeping with wheels under my bed. We have rented an apartment in Wilmington for the next 13 months and the view is inspiring.