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When did you know that your life was going to be so wonderful? Or did you always know this?

Interesting question… and it makes me wonder…. Did I know how wonderful my life was when I worked at Minnegasco… looking back I know that I have been blessed – like you – I’ve always been grateful for my kids, their health, my health - and being able to provide for them – but I remember being angry, too. So, I’m not sure – but all I can say is I have never been happier than I am now… and everyday things get better and better… and I am not angry anymore – I wake up smiling and I go to bed smiling… (sometimes the grin is a little bit bigger than other nights) And I wish everyone could feel as good as I do… I’m so grateful to be happy and to have found happiness when I did – I would have hated to have grown old and when people thought back all they remember was how crabby or angry I was… When I went away for the weekend and a couple of the gals commented about how funny I was – it made me feel so good. When I can get people to laugh – I feel wonderful… I like it when people la

Hmmmmmmmm Power Tools

If a murse is a man's purse... would a mallet be a mom's wallet? Saturday Sept 27th...I'll be at the Robbinsdale Craft Fair - from 9 to 2 - selling bags and short stories....stop by if you are in the neighborhood...