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Did You Exercise Today...

June 14, 2011 Yes, not only did I exercise my muscles on the thread mill for twenty minutes ... I exercised my mind with school and trying to design a postcard...A&P is not going as well as I would like but I know I'll do better.

Something that made me worry today...

June 13, 2011 Today was my first test in Anatomy & Physiology. I had good reason to worry it is hard to remember what I learned in chemistry 30 years ago. But it is better to fail a test that to be afraid to take the test.

June 10, 2011

How Many Cups of Coffee Did You Drink Today? One and it wasn't until after 10 am, it sure is nice being retired and having no classes on Fridays.

What makes a good friend?

June 9, 2011 What makes a good friend? Sometimes it is a person who can listen more than they talk and for some people that’s a pet. But my experience as a pet owner has me believing otherwise. Ruth a jack-a-poo had selective hearing, she could hear me eat a marshmallow and appear within an instant, but if I said, “Want to go for a walk and hear about my day?” The dog disappeared and even the sound of additional marshmallows being eaten couldn't coax her from her hiding spot. So, sometimes a good friend is just someone who is willing to hang out with you. June 8, 2011 What makes you miserable? Gossiping, no good ever comes from telling another person about someone else’s flaws or short comings. I love to hear stories and I love to tell stories, but when the main point of the story is show another person in a negative light, or to feel better about yourself, or to gain favor with the listener … it’s wrong – unless of course it’s fiction. All is fair in ficti

What does it take?

To sell your house… My story… I listed my house on March 7, 2011, received a purchase agreement on March 31st for $5,000 less than my list price and I closed on May 26, 2011. Of course I de-cluttered my home, painted the walls and removed personal items…interviewed 4 real estate agents and went with the one who offered the most free stuff: home warranty, professional stagger and professional photographer. I listed my house for sale using the price listed on my 2011 Property Tax Statement, $155,000. I buried St. Joseph in the front yard. St. Joseph is a Catholic Saint and the story goes if you bury him in your yard, say a pray and have faith, St. Joseph will sell your home. I also said a pray to St. Anthony who is the patron saint of lost or stolen items. In the past whenever an item is missing I say, “Tony, Tony, turn around and help me find __________it lost and can’t be found.” Sure enough the item appears. So, I asked Tony to help me find the lost buyer. And lastly I placed