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To Texas....


A little tune

Ruth is playing "On the Road Again..."

A quick walk before I pack

Ruth and I go for one last walk before I go on my big adventure...

Where I'll be next...

February 8th...appearing at A Slice of Orange: (Written by members of Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America) Look for my tale of woe at The Worst Valentine's Day Ever . Truth be told this didn't happen to happen to Shellie in my new novel "The Perfect Country and Western Story," but I was certain she wouldn't mind me borrowing her tale to tell.

Highlights from the interview....

Hello dear blog studio guests! I have a very special guest for you to meet today. Author Christine Columbus. Her short stories are receiving five star reviews and very deservingly so! CAROL ANN: If you had to describe yourself, what would you say? CHRISTINE: I’m certain I was kidnapped as a small child from a warm and tropical climate and brought to Minnesota, because I hate the cold, but apparently not enough to move. I lived in MN my whole life, I’ve worked for the same company for 27+ years and the same house for 21 years.I think I need a mid-life crisis. CAROL ANN: Do you collect anything? CHRISTINE: Dust, cobwebs, streaks, dirt and grime. CAROL ANN: What does the word romance mean to you? CHRISTINE: Romance is walking to the edge of the cliff, love is jumping off and true love is when you have someone to catch you when you fall.