Monday, September 04, 2006

Got my daughter off to college on Thursday

It wasn't like saying, "Good-bye." Because her dorm room is less than 30 minutes from the house. So, it was more like, "See ya." And I did on Saturday when she need her roller blades and wanted dinner. And on Sunday when she needed a ream of paper, jacket and ironing board.

I'm thinking of getting a dog....a Jackapoo. I beginning to think I need total chaos to function.

I'm struggling through science only three weeks left to the course.

Did get my edits completed for "Drama Queen."

Haven't finished "The Prefect Country and Western Story", but am getting real close to finishing a story for the Wild Rose Garden Contest...."Hard Day on the Farm."

My son is back in school, has been for two weeks, when I ask him, "How's it going?"

I get the typical response from a 17 year old, "Why do you ask so many questions."

Maybe that's why I want a dog, so I can really bug him. "Did you let the dog out? Did you feed the dog? Did you walk the dog? How was school? Did you pick up your dirty dishes? Did you bring your dirty clothes downstairs? What's the dog doing?"


Marty said...

The dog might be a good idea, lol. Good luck with science and your stories :)

Stacy Dawn said...


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