Thursday, October 12, 2006

We are all Winners....

Champagne Rose Line: Rosette Winner: "A Hard Day on the Farm" by Christine Columbus

Miniature Rose Winner: "Led Down a Garden Path" by Deborah Tompkins

White Rose Line

Rosette Winner:
"Don't Forget the Roses" by Evie Lucas
Miniature Rose Winner:
"Night Blooms" by Dana Mentink

Sweetheart Rose Line

Rosette Winner:
"His Son, Our Matchmaker" by Tabitha Gibson
Miniature Rose Winner:
"Hope Floats" by Stacy Holmes

Crimson Rose Line:

Rosette Winner:
"The House Next Door" by Carol Ann Erhardt
Miniature Rose - No entries Received

Last Rose Of Summer Line:

Rosette Winner: "For A Good Cause" by Deborah Vlahakes
Miniature Rose Winner: "Second Chance Rose" by Terry O'Dell

Faery Rose Line:

Rosette Winner: "Emma's Story. The Girl in the Picture" by Donna Collins
Miniature Rose Winners: "Garden Magic" by Beth Caudill
AND "5th Floor Garden" by Peggy Lowe

Scarlet Rose Line:

Rosette Winner: "Desert Bloom" by Dara Edmondson
Miniature Rose Winner: "Garden of Sin" by Jennifer Leeland

English Tea Rose Line:

Rosette Winners: "Resurrection" by Rebecca Ruger

American Rose Line:

No Rosette Entries
Miniature Rose Winner: "Hattie's Dance" by Jackie Tanner

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AmyJo said...

Congratulations Chris!

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