Monday, April 16, 2007

One small key stroke

One opps...The good thing is I am learning. My slideshow is not only on my blog, it is also on Sweet Romantic Notions - or was. I'm not sure if when I update my slide show - if I deleted the link.

I am learning to be brave. To take risks. To be an adventurer, not only in life but also in my writing. I’m not sure when I became cautious, but I wasn’t always. Maybe caution came with motherhood, age or ?

When it comes to writing, I want to be fearless. I have a tendency to want to control my characters, marching them across pages and keeping them in the shallow end of the pool.

At 48, I’m letting go. This is the year I’m going to dance and my characters will sink or swim.

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Carol Ann Erhardt said...

LOL! I wondered what that slide show was doing there. I'm rooting for your new adventurous year! ...and happy belated birthday!

Carol Ann

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