Friday, June 29, 2007

Uncle Mike's Love - Reviewed

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Review: Uncle Mike's Love
Uncle Mike's Loveby Christine ColumbusMike felt the biggest mistake in his life was moving away from his hometown and not asking the first love of his life Patty to go with him. Now, twelve years later he's back in town to take care of his nephews and he's hoping to get a second chance with Patty. Miniature(29 pages) SweetThis is a charming story which focuses on one man's realization that letting what someone else might think about the woman you are in love with is a sure way to lose that love. Will he be able to win Patty back now that he's back in town? Ms. Columbus draws an entertaining picture of Mike trying to win back Patty, but I have to say I think the two young boys steal the show as they attempt to play "matchmaker" between Mike and Patty. "Uncle Mike's Love" is a lighthearted look at love, romance, and second chances.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Coffee and Love To Go Review

Friday, June 22, 2007

Review: Coffee and Love To Go
Coffee and Love To Goby Christine ColumbusDan is surprised to find out he is the topic of conversation on a women’s talk show about meaningful glances. For the last two weeks when he stops for his cup of coffee, he has noticed a beautiful woman with red hair and now she’s on the air asking the listeners if she should make the first move and talk to him.(12 pages) - sweetWhy Not To Buy a Coffee Maker! Thanks to our guest reviewer: Nancy A.Lindley-GauthierChristine Columbus is brewing another hit in her short romance, "Coffee and Love To Go". This tale starts off lightly enough, but with an interesting twist: While most folks suffer their attractions in private, or share them with a trusted friend, this dreamed-of romance is under the eye of a good many watchers, would-be match-makers, and nosy parkers. The many witnesses (who feel free to comment!) only add to the stress of the main couple.From the first, the reader will become invested in the story, hoping like mad the main characters will get a handle on their nerves, and that the other person is as they have perceived them. In no time, Columbus has us ready to scream with suspense! The tension continues building throughout the story. Her dialogue rings true, as does the discomfort the main couple experiences while trying to get together under so many watchful eyes.Many details in this story are delightful. We gain a wonderful visual portrait of the characters, although their description in no way slows the action. The gentleman's "long sleeved dark brown shirt and cream colored tie," fit fabulously with his acquired name of "Mr. Coffee." The lady's comparison to her drink of choice is smooth, and quite good fun. The idea of using descriptions in a parallel to coffee is carried off beautifully, fun but in a non-intrusive way.This is a very contemporary tale of attraction, embarrassment, involvement, hope, disappointment and joy. That so many emotions can fit in this one small but fast-moving package is amazing!
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Problem With Doggy Doors

Spend less time being a doorman....and more time looking for your shoes.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Review....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Review: Drama Queen
Big thanks to our guest reviewer - Nancy Lindley-Gauthier
Drama Queenby Christine ColumbusDid Mark bestow more than his mother’s dog? Will Michelle’s unexpected pet bring more than drama into her life?
Christine Columbus' rosette, "Drama Queen," starts with a charming surprise. But the first surprise is by no means the best, and intriguing elements become clear as you read along. All grocery store managers are not "Short, pudgy balding" men, and co-workers don't always have a clue who you really are. The author offers clear visuals, and the reader feels as though they were participating in each scene. Through the main character's imagination, we uncover the real person, the person who'd like to skip out of work early and go line dancing. Never has a grocery store aisle seemed so full of possibilities, or been so appealing.This is a wonderful tale of romance, true, but also, of simple love. The two main characters reveal love in so many ways; love for a parent, a friend, a pet. All this love is an undercurrent to this warm and genuine story. This story builds in warmth and wonder all they way through, but it is by no means merely contemplative. Throughout, the western motif brings our mind's eye to line dances, tight jeans, and black leather boots.You'll find yourself two-stepping along with this lively read. Don't hesitate to discover the drama queen in this delightful romance, by Christine Columbus.
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