Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hard Day On The Farm

Review: Hard Day On The Farm
By guest reviewer: Michelle Oberlander
Hard Day On the Farmby Christine ColumbusWhen Molly Moved to the country, her new neighbor, George, made learning to drive the tractor a memorable experience. And that was just one aspect of farm life Molly found enjoyable.This is one story included in the Rose Petals II anthology. Available in print and eBook formats.Who knew tractors could be so sexy? Well, maybe not the tractors themselves, but like Ferrari's or Mustangs, they sure can offer an intro into a unique romantic interlude. Think I'm kidding? I kid you not. A Hard Day On The Farm takes us to the little farming community of Edgewater where we get to meet Molly and George. Molly has high hopes for George but George isn't cooperating and she is getting antsy. Thoughts of George are coloring most aspects of her imagination which the author shares with us so we understand what drives Molly to plotting and scheming to get her way. I get the sense that Molly doesn't sit on the sidelines of life but grabs opportunities with gusto and in this story, that opportunity is named George. George seems to be a sneaky guy. I think he knows that he is driving Molly nuts. He's written very understated so when he makes his move, it's a major "Wow" moment. You must have heard the saying, "Watch out for those quiet ones", yes? And hands are quiet, right? Well, George talks really well with his hands, and his lips and he knows how to work his tractor. *grin* However, when George does talk, he's pure romance and heat. Quite the man. After reading this story, I went back and contemplated the title. A huge grin snuck onto my face with the realization that you could interpret those words with saucy intent. A Hard Day On The Farm, although short, is a fun and sexy romp that puts a delightful spin on vegetables, pickles and yes, even love.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

On week down...

1039 left to go...That's if I work at the city for 20 more years.

I decided that this is going to be the year of change for me...partial because my youngest goes off to college, I'm 48 and I've been finding dimes and seeing butterflies everywhere I go. I'm not sure what it means, but I'm thinking it means metamorphosis/transformation and cents/sense. (Hopefully I'll get more of both)

I'm currently working on "Looking For Henrietta" and edits for my novel, I did get a contract for Christmas Mischief - a short story for the Sweatheart line.

I'm working on letting my characters run uncensored across the page, it’s tough to let go. I fear they’ll end up in trees and I have to throw bigger and bigger rocks at them to get them down… But I am letting go. No Fear…Just Bigger Boulders.

I’m also getting braver and more adventurous in my own life...I tried to make margarita popsicles…I could get them to freeze, but the problem was you have to eat them really fast because they go from frozen to slush in less than 60 seconds…(Talk about a brain freeze)

Here's to living...and having No Fear…

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First Class Male Review

Review: First Class Male
By guest reviewer Michele Oberlander.

First Class Maleby Christine Columbus

Jenny decided to walk to the Post Office to pick up the package her co-workers claimed was waiting for her. However, when she got there the handsome clerk was unable to find the parcel, but he did find her heart. (10 pages) - sweet

First impression of the cover: Simple and classy. The title made me think of a story of the perfect man. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I realized it was a clever play on words.

This is a short story that hones in on what we romance readers look for; girl meets boy, girl chases boy, boy doesn't call, girl thinks "whoops" and guy plans a "Gotcha!". Reverse chase. I loved it. This story is told in first person by a plucky heroine named Jennifer. We jump right into a day of her life where work and serendipity play a pivotal role in her future. Jennifer finally has her life on track, or so she thinks.

Her co-workers know otherwise and have a history of plaguing her with schemes to spice up her romance deprived life. This day is no different. No scheme is as effective as the day serendipity brought her within the sights of Blake, a handsome man behind a service counter. Their first flirtation is sweet, endearing and believable.

The snafu at her follow-up visit had me laughing as I could all too easily see myself doing the same thing and feeling the same way.The pursuit of love with its humorous subtlety is a delight and makes this story a thing of beauty.

The end of this novel rates high on my romantic "sigh" meter. This is one HEA that leaves you smiling.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


www.wildrosepress.comE-BookPrice: $3.00
35 PagesSweet Romance/A miniature Rose in the Sweetheart Rose Line

Rating: 4 Cups
(Outstanding Great Read
This is a very outstanding book you would like to keep to read again in the future. )

Mike left his hometown twelve years ago. Memories and regret trouble him as he still carries a torch for the girl he left behind.
Patty White was crushed when Mike left for college. When he returns, she feels the heartstrings tugging.
Mike left years ago, for college, after receiving a football scholarship. Now he has returned home and helps with his two little nephews, Dustin and Danny, while his sister works. When the nephews have different opinions on what to eat for breakfast, Mike chooses to take them out to eat. He never expected to run into the hometown girl that captured his heart. Surprised to see Mike, Patty remains cool around him, while being extremely sociable with others around her. She can still feel the sting when he left her behind. Mike wants Patty back in his life, and he will do anything to win her heart again.
Uncle Mike’s Love is a story that creates soothing warmth to the heart. It sends a lovely message that sometimes second chances can become a reality if one puts their best foot forward. The addition of Dustin and Danny spins a nice read as they try to play their Uncle Mike. Christine Columbus writes a lovely tale of sweet romance, learning to forgive and accepting that people can change. The way she allowed Mike and Patty to discover their real love again, with the help of the nephews, came out as a great winner. I enjoyed the way Patty reached into her heart to find that love again, and hold onto it, never to give it release the second time. It made my heart leap with joy.
CherokeeReviewer for Coffee Time RomanceReviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Sunday, July 8, 2007

Review: Happy Meal

Mark's mother was notoriously stubborn and when she set her mind to dining at McDonald's there was no persuading her. He suspected his mom was up to something but would have never guessed that their weekly dinners out would end up with so many Happy Meals to come. (10 pages) - sweetHappy Meal by Christine Columbus is all its name suggests: a neat treat in a tidy little package. This is a quick bubbly story that kicks off with fun repartee between a mother and grown son. The author's ability to describe people without every slowing the action is impressive. As I have come to expect from Columbus' works, a certain depth of character and a hint of compassion all leave the reader with the impression of a far longer and more involved tale. The 'happy accident' involved here leads to the sweetest of romances, but I dare not give any more away. Mark this a 'must read' on your list.Thanks to our guest reviewer: Nancy A.Lindley-Gauthier
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Friday, July 06, 2007

The hardest part about starting a new trying to remember where you put your social security card. I felt like I won the lottery when I found the card tucked into a file with photos. The last time I need it was 27 years ago...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

After 27 years...

I'm calling it quits...Friday the 13th of July - will be my last day of the gas company....on the 16th of July...I start life as a City Employee...

I am intentions when accepting a position at the gas company in March of 1980 was to only work for the summer...

So, my new game plan is to work for the City for twenty years...and retire with a pension...(check back in 20 years - to see if I stuck to my game plan)

Of course, I will continue writing...I'm working on edits for my novel with the editor for the Yellow Rose at TWRP - turned in a short Christmas story...waiting to hear back...and turned in a Rosette - also waiting to hear back...

Works in progress include - Looking for Henrietta and Chance Meeting...

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