Sunday, July 22, 2007

On week down...

1039 left to go...That's if I work at the city for 20 more years.

I decided that this is going to be the year of change for me...partial because my youngest goes off to college, I'm 48 and I've been finding dimes and seeing butterflies everywhere I go. I'm not sure what it means, but I'm thinking it means metamorphosis/transformation and cents/sense. (Hopefully I'll get more of both)

I'm currently working on "Looking For Henrietta" and edits for my novel, I did get a contract for Christmas Mischief - a short story for the Sweatheart line.

I'm working on letting my characters run uncensored across the page, it’s tough to let go. I fear they’ll end up in trees and I have to throw bigger and bigger rocks at them to get them down… But I am letting go. No Fear…Just Bigger Boulders.

I’m also getting braver and more adventurous in my own life...I tried to make margarita popsicles…I could get them to freeze, but the problem was you have to eat them really fast because they go from frozen to slush in less than 60 seconds…(Talk about a brain freeze)

Here's to living...and having No Fear…

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