Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Mischief Reveiw

Christmas Mischief

Amber has had a tough time of it since moving to the city. But now that she is going to visit Grandma in the country things seem to be looking up. She packs the car, puts her big, friendly dog in the shotgun seat and takes off, Christmas packages filling the back seat. Of course when she gets a flat tire on a cold afternoon her luck doesn’t seem to be holding out. Then, Charlie, her dog, pushes the button that locks her out of the car. Just when she is about to bash a window with a rock a tall, dark stranger shows up. Tony seems to be the answer to her troubles.

Christmas Mischief by Christine Columbus is a great little read. It is the perfect size for lunch hour reading. At first Amber seems like another helpless female and I was poised to be annoyed by her but quickly I saw what the author was doing and where this was going. Amber has overcome a lot of things and is making a new life for herself. She and Charlie, the burping dog, are family oriented enough to be making the trip home to Grandma’s house. Amber very quickly becomes a sympathetic and likeable character. Even Charlie will steal readers’ hearts! This is fun, a good holiday choice if you’re looking for something that is fast reading. Well done!

4 Angels.

Reviewed by: Marlene


Marty said...

Fantastic review!

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

Great review, Christine!

I'm stopping in to wish you a Happy New Year and to tell you that you've been tagged!

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Carol Ann

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