Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Getting together with fellow writers...is always a reason to Celebrate...

Other Reasons for Celebrating...

I had to go to work this morning... I'm employed, getting a paycheck and living the dream...

I still have ten pounds to lose... I'm health and being 10 pounds over my normal weight means I can still fit into my clothes...they are tight, but at least I don't have to go out and buy new things...beside you never know when an ad might appear - Needed Woman to Stress Test Zippers... I've got experience.

And it's raining...(I hate watering the flower and vegetable gardens) I also hate doing dishes and laundry... I wonder if I could set the basket of dirty clothes out on the front steps along with the dirty dishes?

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Caddy/Pims said...

Let me know if you tried it! Thanks for sharing your blogspot with me. So sorry about Colleen's accident What a bummer...I know how much she was looking forward to a summer newly retired.

Sometime when you have a few minutes, check out my paintings on my Facebook page under photos to get familiar with my work.

Love your blogspot.

Caddy Rowland

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