Monday, December 07, 2009

4.5 wings

Classic Romance Revival gives Christmas Mischief 4.5 Wings

Amber’s on her way to spend the Christmas holidays with her grandmother, accompanied by her faithful mischief-making dog, Charlie. On a snow covered road in a rural part of the country, Amber gets a flat tire and Charlie locks her out of the car. Enter Tony, a charming resident who helps Amber call a tow.
Amber is smitten by Tony, but once he drops her off at her grandmother’s house, she wonders if she’ll ever see the handsome Good Samaritan again.
The pacing is just right, leaving the reader, and Amber, worried for her as she tries to get help for her flat tire in the snow-covered road bank. Amber and Tony are characters that embody the Christmas spirit of giving and receiving. The story is told in the first person by Amber and Columbus does a great job capturing Amber’s own unique voice. The romance is “sweet” for CRR. Overall, Christmas Mischief is a heartwarming holiday read.

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