Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Can Do That

On Saturday, I spoke about the Journey of The Perfect Country and Western Story from an idea to the novel. The audience was fellow authors at Midwest Fiction. One of the things that I surprised me – besides how long an hour can be when you are standing in front of a crowd.

“I Can Do That…”

I was explaining that my diverse publishing credits come from my “I Can Do That…” If I’m at a Craft Fair and I see something I like – instead of purchasing the item, I always think or say…I could make that.

When I see a posting and someone is looking for Flash Fiction, Poetry, Prose, Romance or Children story. My first reaction is…I Could Write That… and I generally do…

My Latest – I Can Do That… my daughter wanted a Snuggle Blanket… and of course I didn’t buy one… Because I Can Make One – Can’t be too hard.

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