Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy To Announce

I'm so thrilled to announce - The Perfect Country and Western Story is a finalist for the Booksellers' Best Award.

The judges are booksellers and librarians and the contest is sponsored by the Greater Detroit chapter. In July the winners will be announced at the RWA (Romance Writers of America) National Conference in Orlando.

What fun it is to see other Midwest Fiction Writers: Helen Brenna and Ann Hinnenkamp Congrats to Everyone!


Helen Brenna
From The Outside

Lucy Gordon
Italian Tycoon, Secret Son

Fiona Harper
Invitation to the Boss's Ball

Glynna Kaye
Dreaming Of Home

Joselyn Vaughn
CEO's Don't Cry


Christine Columbus
The Perfect Country and Western Story

Robyn Grady
The Billionaire's Fake Engagement

Sandra Hyatt
Having The Billionaire's Baby

Geri Krotow
What Family Means

Lynne Marshall
Temporary Doctor, Surprise Father

Cara Summers
Twin Temptation

Cara Summers
Christmas Male


Lisa Dale
Simple WIshes

Susan Gable
A Kid To The Rescue

Elaine Grant
No Hero Like Him

Janice Maynard
Hot Mail

Terry McLaughlin
A Small Town Reunion

Kay Stockham
Simon Says Mommy

Linda Warren
Caitlyn's Prize


Toni Blake
One Reckless Summer

Marilyn Brant
According To Jane

Robin Kaye
Breakfast in Bed

Susan Mallery
Hot On Her Heels

Karen White
The Lost Hours


Kylie Brant
Waking The Dead

Marilee Brothers
Rock and Roll Queen of Bedlam

Ava Gray
Skin Game

Sandy James
Free Falling


Jaci Burton
Riding On Instinct

Red Garnier
The Satin Sash

Lara Santiago
Rogue's Run

Shelli Stevens
Take Me

Tracy Wolff
Full Exposure


Jennifer Ashley
The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie

Caroline Fyffe
Where The Wind Blows

Carolyn Jewel

Margaret Mallory
Knight of Pleasure

Elizabeth Rolls
Lord Braybrook's Penniless Bride

Christine Wells
Wicked Little Game


Anna Campbell
Captive of Sin

Hannah Howell
If He's Wicked

Hannah Howell
If He's Sinful

Regina Jeffers
Darcy's Temptation


Sharon Ashwood
Ravenous: The Dark Forgotten

Maureen Child

Lisa Childs
Immortal bride

Gail Dayton
New Blood

Cynthia Eden
Midnight's Master

Ann Hinnenkamp
Dyad Dreams

Sharon Sala
The Warrior


Sandra Bricker
Love Finds You in Holiday, Florida

Amanda Cabot
Paper Roses

Irene Hannon
An Eye for an Eye

Trish Perry
Sunset Beach

Marlo Schalesky
If Tomorrow Never Comes

Missy Tippens
His Forever Love


Marilyn Brant
According To Jane

Red Garnier
The Satin Sash

Ann Hinnenkamp
Dyad Dreams

Glynna Kaye
Dreaming Of Home

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Living The Dream

I am happy living the dream, enjoying everyday and all the people I meet along the way.

The Wild Rose Press Retreat - Silver Spur Ranch and Longhorn Saloon in Bandera Texas.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Wheels....

So, after much research and indecision…I decided on purchasing a car. I don’t know why it is – some decisions are so easy – after 27 years at the gas company – I walked away with no regrets…giving my favorite car to my son…no big deal… Purchasing a Car…Tough. I test drove 27 cars… and No I don’t love my new vehicle… it’s more like a marriage of convenience. I needed a car… and I thought this one will work…no fireworks in the sky, no thrill, just an okay – I will take you home.

I really thought I’d find a car that thrilled me… I wanted to find a car that made a statement about who I am. Instead I got a car that says…who I’m not.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Night Owl Top Pick

The Perfect Country And Western Story
Review by Melinda from Night Owl Reviews on May 4, 2010.

Alexandra is ready for a second chance. Not just any second chance but one that will change her life forever. She’s changed from head to toe and in and out. Everybody has known her as grease monkey Alex always under the hood of a car except this time she is in for a big surprise. She’s tired of always being a third wheel and wants true love in her life. Her mother always believed good things would happen for her. Imagine her surprise when a cowboy hat and Toby Keith brings her a true prince in the form of Ben. Well at least she thought he was a prince. Meeting him again backfires on her and instead of finding happily ever after she is dodging people’s looks of thievery. Everyone is accusing her of thievery, which is not true yet she is determined to prove to Ben that her love is real. Can she change his mind that what they shared before is real and not fake like everyone thinks it is?

Ben found real love last summer at least he thought it was love. He never expected that the woman of his dreams would steal his Toby Keith signed hat. One minute he saw a future with her then he saw hatred. A beautiful woman like Alexandra bewitched him like no other woman yet he is confused. He knows she is unlike any woman he has known but something about her speaks of a second chance. Each time he sees her Ben remembers the passion he shared with her. The couple of days he shared with her proved that no other woman can compare to her. Is he crazy to give Alex a second chance? Is there more to the theft?

The Perfect Country and Western Story is truly a romantic story of two people getting second chances in an unusual way. Two people who only had one summer to get together find out that it is a summer of unforgettable memories. Alex has waited all summer to get her man and won’t let anything stand in her way. I liked that Ben had all these doubts all year long and when he sees Alex the chemistry explodes between them. I loved it. Great job to Christine for showing a reader that everybody deserves a second chance and Alex is definitely one woman who deserves all the love she can get.

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