Wednesday, June 08, 2011

What does it take?

To sell your house…

My story… I listed my house on March 7, 2011, received a purchase agreement on March 31st for $5,000 less than my list price and I closed on May 26, 2011.

Of course I de-cluttered my home, painted the walls and removed personal items…interviewed 4 real estate agents and went with the one who offered the most free stuff: home warranty, professional stagger and professional photographer.

I listed my house for sale using the price listed on my 2011 Property Tax Statement, $155,000.

I buried St. Joseph in the front yard. St. Joseph is a Catholic Saint and the story goes if you bury him in your yard, say a pray and have faith, St. Joseph will sell your home.

I also said a pray to St. Anthony who is the patron saint of lost or stolen items. In the past whenever an item is missing I say, “Tony, Tony, turn around and help me find __________it lost and can’t be found.” Sure enough the item appears. So, I asked Tony to help me find the lost buyer.

And lastly I placed “For Sale” signs on my vision board. Ten years ago I took a ‘one day’ management class where the teacher spoke of vision boards and how if you have a “vision” and add “Passion” you would create a realty…not sure what vision boards had to do with management but I’ve been using vision boards for the past ten years and I believe they work just like prayers to St. Joseph and St. Anthony.

But the reason I started blogging… was not just because I have a new story coming out…”Looking for Henrietta” which will soon be released by The Wild Rose Press…

I received a great gift from my good friend Joe, a five year journal with 365 questions…

So, it is here that I begin:

June 8, 2011
What makes you miserable?

Gossiping, no good ever comes from telling another person about someone else’s flaws or short comings. I love to hear stories and I love to tell stories, but when the main point of the story is to show another person in a negative light, or to feel better about yourself, or to gain favor with the listener … it’s wrong – unless of course it’s fiction.
All is fair in fiction.

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