Monday, February 22, 2016

Climate and Gravitational Pull

I silently chanted, ears over hips, hips over heels, shoulders down and back as I walked the beach with the sun shinning and the temperatures nearing 50. 

As the sand crunched beneath my hiking boots, my body elongated and I stood taller with each step. 

Which could only mean my poor posture is a result of a colder climate (MN & WI) wind (IA) and lack of sun.

When the temperatures dip below 40 degrees (with or without a wind chill factors) my shoulders hike high enough to keep my earlobes warm.

After 50 plus years of living in Minnesota and trying to acclimate my body to cold/frigid temperatures, my body caved in, literally.  My shoulders, back and neck are rounded. 

This was survival and my body's way to protect my heart from freezing.

I know there are Minnesotans who drive with their convertible tops down year round, wear shorts and sun bath when temperatures rise above freezing. 

But, I was never one of them. I didn’t discard my jacket or turn off my heated front seats until August. 

This is my first winter out of the midwest and I smile and wave at fellow beach walkers who walk past barefoot and wearing shorts. 

There’s hope.

Someday, I too may thaw out, my butt will be warm and I will stand tall without having to chant, ears over hips, hips over heels, shoulders down and back.

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