Monday, February 08, 2016

I lost my diet muse..

My fitbit app recorded 109,000 steps, my fitness pal app congratulated me for recording my food intake,  my vision board greeted me every time I opened my refrigerator door, I used positive affirmations, worked on posture with a posture zone app and I gained 4/10 of a pound.  

I am now up 1.4 lbs since January 1, 2016. 

Which would be great, if my goal was to gain weight. 

In the past, PTTF, (prior to turning fifty) dieting and exercise were easy.  All I had to do was eat less and exercise and I'd lose weight. 

PTTF, I had a Diet Muse.  She presided over my spoon and fork stopping my forward progress, 'you're full. You don't crave or want any more to eat  or drink.' 
How I feel looking at the scale.

She'd whisper in my ear in the wee hours of the morning,  'get up so you have time to exercise before work.'

Why, oh why, did my Diet Muse desert me now? 

Maybe this week I will look for an app to find my missing Diet Muse along with an
app to rid myself of the BIM (Bad Influence Muse) who's words are dipped in sugar coating. 'It's only microwave popcorn. Everyone watches TV. One quick look on Facebook won't hurt. It's a light beer. You walked 10,000 steps you don't need to lift weights.’

So, this week I will look less towards external motivation and more towards finding my inner voice of reason.  

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