Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

No Tricks tonight, but there were a few Trick or Treaters…It was chilly tonight and not a lot of kids came by, which gave me time to work on my Romance On The Run Bags.

Down Under on 42nd a consignment store in New Hope, is going to carry my bags. She requested a dozen to start out with, so in-between answering the door I was busy hand painting the canvas bags.

I’ll have to get a few more painted before I stop by the local coffee shops and see if anyone is interested…But at least I’m done with school. I finished up Business Ethics last night.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Cold Minnesota Night

The only thing good about the weather turning colder - is I have a fireplace, a glass of wine, a stereo, chocolate and a leather reclining loveseat. Of course I don't have a digital camera - so I borrowed an image or two...The teenagers are tucked away - one at the dorm, the other at the farm with the puppy.

So, it's just me and the laptop and lots of atmosphere to write romance.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

We are all Winners....

Champagne Rose Line: Rosette Winner: "A Hard Day on the Farm" by Christine Columbus

Miniature Rose Winner: "Led Down a Garden Path" by Deborah Tompkins

White Rose Line

Rosette Winner:
"Don't Forget the Roses" by Evie Lucas
Miniature Rose Winner:
"Night Blooms" by Dana Mentink

Sweetheart Rose Line

Rosette Winner:
"His Son, Our Matchmaker" by Tabitha Gibson
Miniature Rose Winner:
"Hope Floats" by Stacy Holmes

Crimson Rose Line:

Rosette Winner:
"The House Next Door" by Carol Ann Erhardt
Miniature Rose - No entries Received

Last Rose Of Summer Line:

Rosette Winner: "For A Good Cause" by Deborah Vlahakes
Miniature Rose Winner: "Second Chance Rose" by Terry O'Dell

Faery Rose Line:

Rosette Winner: "Emma's Story. The Girl in the Picture" by Donna Collins
Miniature Rose Winners: "Garden Magic" by Beth Caudill
AND "5th Floor Garden" by Peggy Lowe

Scarlet Rose Line:

Rosette Winner: "Desert Bloom" by Dara Edmondson
Miniature Rose Winner: "Garden of Sin" by Jennifer Leeland

English Tea Rose Line:

Rosette Winners: "Resurrection" by Rebecca Ruger

American Rose Line:

No Rosette Entries
Miniature Rose Winner: "Hattie's Dance" by Jackie Tanner

Wasn't me....

who ripped the stuffing out of that animal....

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Desire Surges For Romance Novels

Desire Surges For Romance Novels
Genre Has 64 Million Readers, Still Growing
Michelle Buonfiglio, Romance Columnist

and a member of Midwest Fiction Writers...sent out the following email.

"This is so cool! It was linked from the National/World Headlines front pages of the Internet Broadcasting network for a full cycle, and now will live in their new My Free Time section for a week!

http://www.wnbc. com/entertainmen t/9983962/ detail.html

Thanks for your support,


A little windy....

After the craft fair....I decided to enjoy what might be one of the last nice days in Minnesota for a while...with Ruth...

Kisses .25 Cents....

I did a local craft fair today and sold kisses for .25 cents. Hershey Kisses. I also sold Romance On The Run bags, hand painted canvas bags with a transfer of my covers on the front, of course the bag contained a flower pen and more kisses...chocolate.

It was a perfect day, the weather was wonderful, sunny with a gentle breeze that turns into a gust.

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