Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fallen Angel Reviews Uncle Mike's Love

Uncle Mike’s Love

Uncle Mike’s Love by Christine Columbus is a contemporary romance. Mike has recently returned home and is helping his niece by taking care of her sons, Dustin and Danny, before school. He has been away and is getting to know them. As you would figure, when he asks the boys about breakfast, they ask for completely different things to eat, but he surprises them by taking them out to eat. Unknown to them, Mike wants to see a home town girl Patty that he left behind when he went away to college on a football scholarship and never looked back. Ever since he has measured every woman against what he found in Patty. When Mike first sees her again, he thinks she is even more beautiful than before, but Patty is quite cool towards him while she is open and friendly to everyone else. Mike feels very jealous, and he is determined to have her special smile for him alone. Will Mike’s wish come true or will he need some help from two very special little people to make his dreams a reality? Uncle Mike’s Love is a very heart warming short story. It reminds me that anything is possible if you give it your best try and sometimes the second time around can be better than the first. I loved how Dustin and Danny thought that they were getting one over on their Uncle Mike, but in the end they helped play matchmaker for Mike and Patty. The character of Patty was willing to forgive the past and give Mike one more chance, if others could do that the world would be a much better place. This is a cute short story and one that I would recommend for a fun and humorous read. Reviewed by: Teresa

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