No Surprise…

Today I am starting my class assignment over, partially because I stopped halfway through the week and because I have decided instead of creatively blogging I am going to use my super power ‘creativity’ to improve my life.

I want to lose fifteen pounds, increase my strength and flexibility.

I am in my 60’s, so I know exactly what to do…but knowing and doing are two different things. And I am lazy.

So, I am going to use (notice I didn’t use the word attempt this shows I am fully committed to this idea) I am going to use my creativity to get what I want.  A slightly smaller and stronger version of myself.

Because today is Valentine’s Day and I wanted something sweet, (like dark chocolate hearts) - but instead of buying a bag of candy. I bought a box of Larabars, they are made with dates and nuts and of course the one I choose has chocolate chips and are 250 calories or 8 WW points…not a great creative choice because Dove dark chocolate hearts have 150 calories for 4 hearts or 8 WW points.  

But, then I used my creative power to make a healthy snack. Carrots, celery and belly peppers with drizzled coconut, lime, habanero balsamic vinegar.  

This is where the creativity comes in (habanero’s are hot)…I am going to have to drink a lot of water, which will increase my steps going to the bathroom…downside is we live in a 350 square foot, 5th wheel camper.  No matter where I am sitting in the trailer, I can get to the bathroom in 10 steps.


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